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Avoid crowded land spots and discover secluded white beaches and crystal water lagoons moving from island to island aboard a new 42 feet catamaran. Eight riders together with skipper and kite instructor exploring amazing spots and enjoying the Trade Winds around Guadaloupe, Antigua and Barbuda.

FLIGHTS: Guadeloupe, Point a Pitre (PTP)


  • Kite Cruise around Guadaloupe, Antigua and Barbuda
  • Accomodation in double room on a luxury catamaran Lagoon 42 2017
  • Skipper and Kite Instructor
  • Spot Guidance, Rescue and Coaching
  • Fishing Equipment and Snorkeling Gear
  • Bed Linen and Towels
  • Tender 3.2m 10hp
  • No safety deposit required
  • Mooring fees for the first and last nights


  • Kite Gear Rental
  • Kite Assistence and Rescue Plus Package
  • Kite Classes for Beginner Riders possible only in Antigua Green Island from the local school 40Knots


  • Flights and Transportation
  • Food and Service (Self Catering)
  • Gasoline, Mooring and Custom fees


  • Guadeloupe - Antigua, 55 NM, 9h
  • Antigua - Barbuda, 30 NM, 4h

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Iles de la Petite Terre - Guadeloupe

Iles de la Petite Terre is a natural reserve, marine park, offering a great swimming experience with stingrays and turtles.

It is a naturalistic pit stop before crossing over to Antigua.


Green Island - Antigua


An unbelievable ecosystem enclosed in a big crystalline water pool with white sandy sea bottom protected by the reef and opened to the trade winds.

There is flat water inside the reef and waves outside the lagoon.


Jabberwock - Antigua

Jabberwock is a well known spot in Antigua, accessible both from the sea and the land.

The long sandy beach with side-on wind makes it an ideal spot for beginners too.


Coco Point - Barbuda

Coco Point is a sandy tip protruding in the sea surrounded by the reef with unique colours and amazing light contrasts.

From Coco Point starts a 5 miles long kite downwind towards Palmetto Point.


Low Bay - Barbuda

Epic scenario, virgin and deserted kite spot. A white sandy line shaped beach running for 11 miles: windward is a big lagoon and leeward the open sea featuring icy light blue colours and outstanding flat water.

The wind blows onshore in the lagoon and offshore in the sea.

Saint Francois.JPG

Saint Francois - Guadeloupe

Saint Francois is a well known spot on the south-east side of Guadeloupe with a  beautiful lagoon protected by the reef.

Here is located the local Action Kite Caraibes kite school.

Wind is blowing side - on.


Lagoon 420, year 2017, 42"

Modern sailing catamaran, large livable spaces, great comfort for life on board and easy management of kite gear.

Watermaker and solar panels allow good autonomy of fresh water and electric power.


Lagoon 420, year 2017, 42"

Watermaker: 50 l/h.

Power: 220 V in each room (max 300 W)

Water tank: 2 x 300 l

Engine: 2 x 57 hp

Dingy: rigid hull, 10 hp engine


Lagoon 420, year 2017, 42"

4 large double rooms for guests.

4 bathrooms with shower.

2 single berths for the crew.

Living room and kitchen.

DJI_0036 (0)-01.jpeg

Wind & Weather

Trade winds are blowing on average between 15 and 25 kn from NE.

% of days in a month with more than 15 kn: December 88% - January 82%.

Kite sizes: 8 - 12 m, max 2 kites each rider.

Day air temperature: 26 - 27 °C. Water temperature: 27 °C.

Wetsuit: 1 - 3 mm shorty.

FullSizeRender 15.jpg

Kite, Coaching & Rescue

Kiting from a catamaran is a unique experience but requires a higher kiting level and attention compared to the level required for more conventional spots.

Rescue and Coaching is included from a certified Iko Kite Instructor for riders able to ride upwind, relaunch the kite from the water and bodydrag to the lost board.

Classes are available on request for intermediate - advanced riders.

Classes and Coaching for beginner are possible only in Antigua - Green Island from the local school 40Knots.

Wind Probability