GREECE 1. 30 June - 10 July

GREECE 2. 10 July - 19 July

GREECE 3. 19 July - 28 July

GREECE 4. 28 July - 06 Aug

GREECE 5. 07 Aug - 16 Aug

GREECE 6. 16 Aug - 25 Aug

GREECE 7. 25 Aug - 03 Sept

GREECE 8. 03 Sept - 14 Sept

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In August there is only one place where to be in the Med, a magic country called Greece where the strong local Meltemi wind is blowing from north filling days and nights with its power.

High cliffs dive into a blue deep sea and little villages rise on the rocks waiting to be discovered.

Greece is populated by more than 6.000 island, most of them completely wild and reachable only by the boat, whose bays become perfect spots for kiting during the day and discovering local life during the night.



Paros (PAS), Mykonos (JMK) + Ferry, Athens (ATH) + Ferry



  • 10 Days - 9 Nights Kite Cruise in the Greek Cyclades Islands (period 8: 12 Days)

  • 10 Days - 9 Nights accomodation in double room on a luxury sailing catamaran Nautitech 47 (period 8: 12 Days)

  • Skipper, Kite Instructor, Cook

  • Food

  • Spot Guidance, Rescue and Coaching

  • Water Maker and Air Conditioner

  • Tender 3.5m 20 hp

  • Gasoline and fuel costs

  • Mooring fees and water refill costs

  • Bed Linen and towels

  • Final cleaning

  • Boat insurance

  • No safety deposit required

  • Drone videos



  • Kite Classes for beginner riders.



  • Flights and Transportation

*Services dedicated to our members


Blue Lagoon

A legendary spot where the Meltemi is blowing hard, the water is super flat and the colours are amazing.

This paradise can be reached only by boat and there is a little sandy beach where to launch and land the kite.


North Lagoon

In this paradisiac anchorage the catamaran is floating in 1.5m crystal water and you will forget to be in the Med. Seems at all to be in a caraibic lagoon.

Meltemi here is not blowing strong and this spot is a good shelter when around wind is picking up to more than 35 knots.



Kofounissi is the pearl of the Small Cyclades, a group of little islands located south of Naxos.

Meltemi is blowing strong in one of the most amazing spots of Greece and the nights are full of colours and beauty in the little town where you can find bars on the beach, a taverna on the fishermen pier and a pub in a windmill.



Pounda is the main spot in Paros Island. A beautiful long sandy beach with side wind in the channel between Paros and Antiparos with two kite schools and a nice restaurant with a sea-view.

This spot is magic for a sunset ride when, kiting on the direction east – west, you will see as many sunset as you will close a roundtrip from Paros to Antiparos.


Small Cyclades

A secret spot that can be reached only by boat. Amazing colours and a little deserted beach to start and land the kites.



Mykonos is the island of the wind and the night life.

When meltemi si on in Korfos beach it is easy to be overpowered with a 7m.

We will anchor in Ornos and go kiting in Korfos after a 10 minutes walk through the town. From Ornos busses or taxis can easily drive us to Mykonos Old Town.



Rineia is a deserted island with a beautiful and wild spot and a beach where to start and land the kites.

From Rineia it is possible to visit the ancient archeological site of Delos, one of the most sacred places of the ancient Greece, where were located the Delos Treasure and Oracle.



Between Antiparos and Despotikos is located a huge spot with flat water and amazing wilderness,

The spot need experience because the wind is gusty and it is possible to start and land only from the catamaran but the location is amazing.

Nice fish tavernas on the beach.



A little private spot in crystalline water.

This is a small pearl that can be experienced only by the crew which will be sailing from or to Athens.



A magic sandy line between Kithnos and the small island of Briokastro, amazing sunsets and local tavernas on the beach.

A secret small pool full of hot thermal water allows us to enjoy a beer in the sunset even if the cold meltemi is blowing hard in the evening.

This spot can be experienced only by the crew which will be sailing from or to Athens.


Nautitech 47

High performance and luxury sailing catamaran, large livable spaces, great comfort for life on board and easy management of kite gear.

Watermaker and solar panels allow good autonomy of fresh water and electric power.

Built 2009, fully refitted 2015.


Nautitech 47

Watermaker: 140 l/h.

Power: 220 V in each room

Water tank: 1200 l

Air Conditioning

Engine: 2 x 57 hp

Dingy: 3.5 m rigid hull, 10 hp engine


Nautitech 47

4 large double rooms for guests.

4 bathrooms with shower.

2 single berths for the crew.

Living room and kitchen.


Kite, Coaching & Rescue

Kiting from a catamaran is a unique experience but requires a higher kiting level and attention compared to the level required for more conventional land spots.

Rescue and Coaching is included for riders able to ride upwind, relaunch the kite from the water and bodydrag to the lost board.

Classes and Coaching for beginner are possible in in Paros Pro Center, Pounda and in Kite Mykonos, Korfos Beach.


Wind & Weather

Meltemi is blowing between 20 and 35 kn from N.

Days in a month with more than 15 kn: Jul 74 %, Aug 67 %

Kite sizes: 6 - 12 m, max 2 kites each rider.

Day air temperature: 25 - 29 °C. Water temperature: 25 °C.

Wetsuit: 3 mm

Wind Probability