Sailing and Kiting in Greece, the magic land of Meltemi.

We will sail on board of a luxury 14 m sailing catamaran from one spot to the next visiting new islands almost every day.

Paros, Antiparos, Mykonos, Rinia, Blue Lagoon, Syros and Kofounissi are the spots we will sail to and kite in.



dates 2020 available soon, keep updated

Greece, the Magic land of Meltemi, in July and August is the ideal location where to run a catamaran kite & sail camp. We will sail and kite from Paros in the area of the central Cyclades, kiting in Pounda, Antiparos, Blue Lagoon, Mykonos, Rinia, Syros and Kofounissi.

During summer the local Meltemi wind is strong and reliable, providing endless days of kitesurfing between the islands. In the evening it is time to explore the local life in the characteristic blue and white villages with amazing sunsets on the sea and good dinners in the local tavernas.

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The catamaran is equipped with watermaker, auxiliar generator, AC, foil board, 2 SUPS and a 20 hp tender for rescue and moderate wakeboarding.

On board there will be 3 crew members: skipper, kite instructor and chef providing sailing, spot guiding, rescue and coaching and full board service.



Fede, Skipper and Kite Instructor | Giulio, Skipper and Kite Instructor | Jordane, Chef and Kite Instrucotr | Manuela, Prorider


During summer the local Meltemi wind is strong and reliable, providing endless days of kitesurfing between the islands.

Meltemi is blowing from north with an intensity between 15 and 30 kn.

When Meltemi is not on, 12 - 15 kn thermal breeze is present. You will need kite size between 6 - 12 m.

A 3 - 2 mm shorty wetsuite is adviced for strong Meltemi days and sunset sessions.


Catamaran NAUTITECH 47

Spacious and High Performance 14m sailing catamaran

  • Built 2009, fully refitted 2015 and 2019 renewal

  • 4 Double Rooms for Guests

  • 4 Toilettes + Showers

  • Dinette + Kitchen

  • 4 Bunks for the Crew

  • 8 Guests in 4 double rooms

  • 3/4 Crew members

  • Water maker: 140 l / h

  • Inverter 220V: 1200 W

  • Auxiliar Generator

  • Gennaker

  • Tender: 3.5 m + Outboard 20 hp

  • Engine: Yanmar, 2 x 57 hp

  • Fresh water tank: 1100 l

  • Fuel tank: 440 l

  • Air conditioning (used only in the marina)


Sample itinerary from Paros to Paros for periods 2) 3) 4) 5) 6) 7). For periods 1) and 8) going from and to Athens itinerary is slightly different including more spots and islands like Syros and Kithnos.

Day 1 - Boarding in Paroikia, Paros

Meeting at 17.00

Boarding at 17.30

Baggage deposit



Day 2 - Kiting in Paros, Pounda

Pounda is the main spot in Paros Island. A beautiful long sandy beach with side wind in the channel between Paros and Antiparos with two kite schools and a nice restaurant with a sea-view.

This spot is magic for a sunset ride when, kiting on the direction east – west, you will see as many sunset as you will close a roundtrip from Paros to Antiparos.

Day 3 - Kiting in Antiparos Lagoon

In this paradisiac anchorage the catamaran is floating in 1.5 m crystal water and you will forget to be in the Med. Seems at all to be in a caraibic lagoon.

Meltemi here is not blowing strongly and this spot is a good shelter when around wind is picking up to more than 30 knots.

Day 4 - Kiting in Blue Lagoon

A legendary spot where the Meltemi is blowing strongly, the water is super flat and the colours are amazing.

This paradise can be reached only by boat and there is a little sandy beach where to launch and land the kite.

Day 5 - Kiting in Kofounissi

Kofounissi is the pearl of the Small Cyclades, a group of little islands located south of Naxos.

Meltemi is blowing strong in one of the most amazing spots of Greece and the nights are full of colours and beauty in the little town where you can find bars on the beach, a taverna on the fishermen pier and a pub in a windmill.

Day 6 - Sailing to Mykonos

Sailing from Kofounissi to Mykonos.

Day 7 - Kiting in Mykonos

Mykonos is the island of the Meltemi and the night life.

When Meltemi is on, in Korfos beach it is easy to be overpowered with a 7 m.

We will anchor in Ornos and go kiting in Korfos after a 10 minutes walk through the town. From Ornos busses or taxis can easily drive us to Mykonos Old Town.

Day 8 - Kiting in Rineia

Rineia is a deserted island with a beautiful and wild spot and a beach where to start and land the kites.

From Rineia is possible to visit the ancient archeological site of Delos, one of the most sacred places of the ancient Greece, where the Delos Treasure and Oracle were located.

Day 9 - Visit to Delos and sailing to Paros

Visit to the ancient archeological site of Delos and sailing from Rineia to Paros.

Day 10 - Landing in Paroikia, Paros

Disembarking in Paroikia and leaving the boat before 10.00

According to wind and weather conditions possible visit other spots like Syros, Naxos and other spot in the Cyclades

Itineraries are not binding and the actual itinerary can be adjusted by the skipper because of unforeseen circumstances or other reasons like wind and weather conditions.


  • 10 Days - 9 Nights* Kite & Sail Camp on a sailing catamaran Nautitech 47 around Greek Islands

  • 3 Crew Members: Skipper, Kite Instructor and Chef

  • Cooking and Cleaning service

  • Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner, Soft Drinks and Moderate Alcoholics

  • Spot Guidance, Rescue and Coaching

  • Water Maker

  • Tender 3.5 m 20 hp

  • Gasoline and Fuel costs

  • Mooring Fees and Water Refill costs

  • Bed Linen and Towels

  • Final Cleaning

  • Boat Insurance

  • No safety deposit required

  • Drone videos

  • Reflex Camera Photos

  • 2 SUPs

  • Foil board

  • Progression Clinic with prorider Manuela Jungo (Periods 2)

    * 11 Days - 10 Nights period 1 and 12 Days - 13 Nights period 8



  • Kite Classes for every level including foiling

  • Kite Gear Rental

  • Flights and Transportation

  • 3 dinners outboard on land


How to get there

Boarding and disembarkation for period 2) 3) 4) 5) 6) 7) will be in Paros Island, Paroikia Marina.

Three way to ge to Paros - Paroikia

  • Fly to Paros via Athens + 20 min taxi to Paroikia marina

  • Fly to Mykonos + 1h ferry to paroikia marina

  • Fly to Athens + 3 - 6 h ferry to paroikia Marina

Boarding for period 1) and disembarkation for period 8) will be in Athens, Alimonos Marina.

  • Alimnos Marina is 45 min from Athens Airport and 20 min from Pyreus Harbour

Contact us to Join the Camp and for Prices and Conditons