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Greece, the Magic land of Meltemi, in July and August is the ideal place where to run a catamaran kite cruise. We will sail and kite from Paros in the area of the central Cyclades, kiting in Pounda, Antiparos, Blue Lagoon, Mykonos, Rinia and Kofounissi.

During summer the local Meltemi wind is strong and reliable, providing endless days of kitesurfing between the islands. In the evening it is time to explore the local life in the characteristic small blue and white villages with amazing sunsets on the sea and good dinners in the local tavernas. 

GREECE 1. 30 June - 10 July Progression Camp with @manuelajungo

GREECE 2. 10 July - 19 July Progression Camp with @manuelajungo

GREECE 3. 19 July - 28 July 5 places

GREECE 4. 28 July - 06 Aug 8 places

GREECE 5. 07 Aug - 16 Aug fully booked

GREECE 6. 16 Aug - 25 Aug 4 places

GREECE 7. 25 Aug - 03 Sept 8 places

GREECE 8. 03 Sept - 14 Sept 8 places

*Services dedicated to our members


The Grenadines, a small group of the Caribbean Windward Islands, are definetly a well known kitesurfing paradise and a perfect environment for a kiteboarding catamaran cruise.

The north-east Aliseo is steady and reliable blowing between 15 and 25 kn from December to May. The reef is providing well sheltered anchorages for the catamaran in amazing lagoons and cays where to kite, enjoy the sun and swim with turtles.

Union island, Frigate, Mayerau, Tobago Cays, Petit Tabac and Canuan are the paradisiac spots we will visit during this catamaran kite trip.


GRENADINES 1.      16 Feb - 24 Feb 2019      2 places

GRENADINES 2.     24 feb - 04 mar 2019     2 places

GRENADINES 3.      04 mar - 12 mar 2019   FULLY BOOKED

GRENADINES 4.      12 mar - 20 mar 2019    FULLY BOOKED

*Services dedicated to our members


Antigua and Barbuda, Leeward Caribbean Islands, take advantages of perfect weather and constant trade wind during winter and spring.

A sailing catamaran is the perfect way to enjoy the area moving day by day from spot to spot.

During the kite cruise we will visit and kite in Green Island and Jabberwock on the east coast of Antigua and Coco point and Low Bay in the deserted and virgin Barbuda.

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*Services dedicated to our members

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